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Sire and Dam of Dixon Ridge GWPs first litter (Sept. 5, 2015)

DC/AFC Cascade Double Barrel ~ "Parker" 
CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Jetta v Treff ~ "Jetta"

The Oldies


Nike - breeder: JoAnn Steffes

Maddie (Weidenhugel Eclipse v  Lampo) - breeder: Mildred Revell

Hawke (Weidenhugel Hawke v Alydon, SH) - breeder: Mildred Revell

Brie (CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Brie v Simon, MH, OA, NAJ, CGC NAVHDA NA PrizeI) - breeder: Mildred Revell

Lexi  (CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Vixen v Einer, MH, CGC) - breeder: Sharon Jahn


About Sharon

When I saw my first GWP in early 1984, I was sold on the breed.  I wanted a companion dog that I could hunt, show and enter in other performance events. Shortly thereafter, I got my first GWP (Nike) from JoAnn Steffes. After joining the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of Northern California (GWPCNC) in 1985, I met and befriended Silke Alberts and Mildred Revell, who became my mentors. Mildred was instrumental in the progression of my current GWPs as I bred back to her wonderful stud dogs (Einer with Brie and Xero with Lexi).  And finally, I was blessed in ending up with a very talented girl, Jetta (CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Jetta v Treff), from Mildred’s last litter sired by my boy, Treff (FC/AFC Weidenhugel Impulse v Xero, MH, RN,NAVHDA NA PZ I, WPGA UT PZ II).


I truly enjoy bringing out the versatility in my GWPs.  Early exposure and becoming a team are so important.  I personally hunt and handle my dogs. I have handled my dogs in the field (hunt tests and field trials), conformation, agility, rally, obedience, NAVHDA tests and, Wirehaired Pointing Club of America Versatility tests.  I therefore breed for the qualities of an all around companion and hunting dog. My interests are in the complete package of this versatile breed - form following function!


I have worked with animals, large and small, all my life and earned my B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science from the University of California - Davis (UCD).  In addition to attending UCD, I also had a wonderful career in animal health and welfare at UCD, before retiring after 36 years.    


I have been a member of the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of Northern California (GWPCNC) and German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America (GWPCA) since the mid 1980's.  I served as past Treasurer and Secretary of the GWPCNC for over 20 years as well as serving as event secretary during many of those years.   I also served on the GWPCA Versatility Committee.


In concert with the GWPCA Code of Ethics, I believe in health testing of the parents. 




About Dixon Ridge GWPs

One would ask how this kennel name evolved. Well, I live in Dixon, which sits on a very fertile region of the western side of the Sacramento Valley known as the Dixon Ridge.    .

In 1985, my second GWP, Maddie, followed by Hawke and Brie, came from Mildred Revell, Cotati, CA. Brie became my foundation bitch, but since I continued to work closely with Mildred, I used her Weidenhugel kennel name on litters out of Brie and her daughter, Lexi.


When it was time to breed Jetta,  Mildred was very ill (and subsequently passed away) and her Weidenhugel kennel name was being used by Dr. Cindy Heiller, so it was time for my litters to be identified by my own kennel name.  Thank you Mildred for the wonderful dogs that have come my way.


In Memory


Weidenhugel Eclipse v Lampo ~ "Maddie" ~ liver roan, no furnishings, but a wonderful temperament

Weidenhugel Hawke v Alydon, SH ~ “Hawke” ~ liver tick; correct coat, wonderful pigment, great companion, hunting dog and wonderful temperament

CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Brie v. Simon, MH, OA, NAJ, CGC, NAVHDA NA Prize I  ~ “Brie” ~ liver tick with plates; all around girl. Correct coat (wash and wear),  nice dark pigment, great nose, hunting dog and companion.

CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Vixen v Einer, MH, CGC ~ “Lexi”  ~ liver tick with plates; like her mother Brie, Lexi was a talented hunting companion with a correct coat (wash and wear), nice dark pigment and  great nose.